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Buffalo Wild Wings: 

Buffalo wild wings also known as B-Dubs which is very famous for their Authentic  Buffalo Chicken wings, beer and sports. Buffalo wild Wings was founded in 1982 and as of now the company is having the chain of their sports bars over the United States and Canada. Initially buffalo wild Wings was not running as smooth as it is today because the founders were not having any experience to carry out their business but the taste of products made it possible to spread into a chain of 5 more restaurants in 10 next year and presently they are having over 1000 restaurants worldwide.

Bwwlistens survey:

The survey has been introduced by Buffalo wild Wings to give attention to their customers which makes them to stand out of all other restaurant chains. Buffalo wild Wings listens to what their customers have to say about their product and services. These feedbacks and suggestions are taken seriously by the company to improve themselves. And so if a customer is having something which he/ she wants to tell the company about their products or services either positive or negative things, they can take participation in the bwwlistens survey at www.bwwlistens.com. After completing the survey the customers can win special offers which can be redeemed within a particular time. This redemption code can be used to get $5 off on the purchase of $25 or more, also it can be added to the bww gift card balance. In the bwwlistens survey certain questions will be asked to the customers in which they are required to rate their recent visit at Buffalo Wild Wings, which will make easy for the company to give a better visit next time to them. The survey can done done online at  www.bwwlistens.com with help of a device and a good internet connection.


Requisites For Buffalo Wild Wings Survey :

  • First of all for taking part in the survey one is required to have a purchase receipt from Buffalo Wild Wings.
  • Then to access the site a device is required which can be a computer/ laptop or a smartphone. The company is providing both versions of site i.e. for computers and smartphone as well.
  • And lastly a good internet or wifi connection is needed because the survey can be done online only and to do something online an internet and wifi connection is required.

How to take the bwwlistens survey:

  • Firstly visit to the official site at www.BWWListens.com.
  • Now the page will appear which will be asking for the 16 digit code that will present on the purchase receipt, so enter it in the respective field.
  • After this the page containing certain questions will appear. The participant is required to answer all these questions. The survey has been offered to the customers for getting the feedbacks and suggestions,  so a customer is required to add details as much as possible.
  • After answering all the questions a coupon code will be given to the user for getting $5 off on his/ her next purchase from Buffalo Wild Wings, and the survey is completed now.

Rules For Bwwlistens Survey:

It is possible that one have got the Buffalo Wild Wings $5 coupon code but to get able for using this coupon code there are certain rules which are required to be followed in the bwwlistens survey of Buffalo Wild Wings:

  • There is age restriction for the survey. It must be ensured that the person who is taking part in the survey should be of 18 or more. People below 18 years of age are not allowed to take this survey.
  • For participating in the survey it is mandatory for the user to be a legal resident of United States.
  • A person who is working as a worker in Buffalo Wild Wings or he/ she is a staff member of the company then the person is not allowed to take participation in the survey. The survey is only for the customers of Buffalo Wild Wings.
  • For taking the survey it is important to have a purchase receipt from Buffalo Wild Wings which have to be used within 48 hours from the time of printing the receipt.
  • Only one survey is allowed from one receipt and there is a limit of one household per 7 day period of time.
  • After completing the survey the user will get a validation code through which one can get $5 off on the next purchase but this code is valid for only 30 days and that’s why the customer should use this code within 30 days of receiving it.

Contact details of Buffalo Wild Wings:

In case the customer is having any trouble or issues with the survey or with any other thing like food and services then they can call directly to Buffalo Wild Wings customer service on the following numbers:

  1. If a customer wants general information about Buffalo Wild Wings or the bwwlistens survey then they can call at +1 866 704 0777.
  2. For the people of United States the customer service number is +1 800 499 9586.
  3. And for the Philippines the customer service number is +63 26 327 489.

The customers are also allowed to contact the customer service department by sending an email at www.buffalowildwings.com.


Buffalo wild Wings is basically a restaurant which is also known as B-Dubs, this is very famous for their authentic chicken wings, beer and sport. Buffalo Wild Wings were not going so well initially but later on with the taste and quality of their food they increased themselves. Buffalo Wild Wings are more customer oriented and that’s why they increased so fast and well. From above it can be concluded that they have created the bwwlistens survey for the customers only, through which they are giving the customers an opportunity to share there suggestions and feedbacks so as to make there next visit to Buffalo Wild Wings more better. The survey is beneficial for the customers and the company as well. The customers are getting $5 off on their next purchase but for which they are required to complete the bwwlistens survey by following certain steps but there are some rules too which are mandatory to be followed by the customers. And the survey is helping the company to understand that what do there customers need and what kind of opinion they are having towards their restaurant. Through these feedbacks and suggestions they are improving themselves and customers are getting more better experience with Buffalo Wild Wings.

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