Mcdonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey Guide

About the company:

This is the world’s greatest chain of food outlets managing around 68 million clients consistently around the globe. There are 36,900 regions at which McD outlets are put, in a total of 119 countries over the globe. Its headquarter is before long at Illinois, US and will move Chicago in 2018.
MCDonald’s have started a unique way of getting the customer feedback for its food and services. It has moved from the traditional way of surveys to the online way of getting actual customer reviews. This method of conducting surveys by McDonald’s is called MCDVoice. It is a voice survey. For completing this survey, the customer gets reward of free meal or discount coupon.

In the article given below, we will be discussing about the survey conducted by McDonald’s and all the prerequisites and steps to complete it. We will also discuss about the benefit of MCDVoice to both the company and the customers.

MCDVoice Survey

MCDVoice Survey is the a survey conducted by the McDonald’s with the purpose of getting honest customer feedbacks. It is also known as the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey. McDVoice Customer Survey is available as an online interface which the customers can access to give their views. This feedback is used in many parts of the world. This feedback helps the company in knowing where it lacks an hence helps it in improving its food and services.

McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

There are a few prerequisites for participating in the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey. The following things are helpful for the purpose:

  1. A good and stable internet connection.
  2. An electronic device like mobile or computer or laptop with stable internet connection is needed. Open the browser app on the device. Using the address bar, access
  3. You need to keep the survey receipt with survey invitation by McDonald’s.
  4. You must understand English, French or Spanish language.

Steps For MCDVoice Customer Survey:

One needs to complete some steps in order to successfully complete the survey. These steps are given below:

  1. Open the browser app on the device. Go to using address bar. This is the official McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey site.
  2. There are various languages present for completing the survey.You need to choose your preferred language from them.
  3. Keep the McDonald’s receipt beforehand.
  4. You must have details like store number, KS number, date of travel, time of travel,your order and the amount spent beforehand. Enter the details as asked in the MCD Voice survey.
  5. To redeem the special offer printed on your receipt, a verification code will be sent to you. You will receive the code after the survey.
  6. After filling all the details as asked in the survey according to your experience, click the submit button. Now print the coupon.

How is the survey helpful to the company?

Any big company knows the worth of its customers’ feedback. Similarly MCDonald’s also works on getting the customer feedback and then work accordingly. It helps in knowing the connection with its customers. The performance of a company is best judged by its audience i.e. customers. The survey also helps in knowing the behaviour of employees at the organization. So, MCDonald’s knows the importance of honest customer reviews and thus, rewards its customers for completing it. The survey helps the company in improving and growing its business.

Time Required To Complete MCDVoice Survey

The survey doesn’t take much time. It hardly takes 5-6 minutes to complete the survey.

Rewards for the customers

The benefit from the survey is not one-sided. It is helpful to both the company and its customers. The customers would like to know the reason that why they should complete the survey. The company offers a discount and free meal for the customers who complete the survey. The customers after completing the survey, get a discount coupon. This can be redeemed at the McDonald’s outlets when they visit it the next time.


Customers need to utilize the code/offer inside 30 days from the date of receipt. In like manner, it is important to understand that not all McD outlets appreciate the offers. You need to go to the proper outlet for redeeming your offer received after completing the survey.

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