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MyTXCar is a system of TxDMV by Air Check Texas Vehicle Inspection History Inc. which is helping people to buy second hand cars. One is allowed to do so many things through Texas DMV such as registration of texas vehicle, Texas vehicle inspection checklist and to know the texas vehicle inspection cost as well. MyTXCar is basically an online portal to check the history of a person’s vehicle. Before buying a vehicle one should go through the texas vehicle inspection checklist as it is necessary in the case when vehicle which one is buying is second hand. MyTXCar is helping the buyer to know the history of vehicle in details. And all these things are helping the buyer to know that the vehicle they are buying is worthy or not. MyTXCar is also having an other important role which is providing customer the report of vehicle and this is increasing the safety while buying. There are many aspects focused on texas vehicle inspection checklist and one of them is the emission report. One must pass the emission investigation as environment issue is more important. Whereas to get able for using these MyTXCar it is mandatory to get registered with texas DMV first.

MyTXCar – Texas Vehicle Inspection Checklist:

From the following list it can be understood more better that what Texas vehicle inspection checklist actually is:

  • This portal is having the cost of texas vehicle inspection.
  • The portal is providing information about the texas vehicle locations near the customer.
  • Two steps one sticker.
  • It is having a feature through which one can download the report and history of vehicle easily.
  • It is providing the criteria for buying the vehicle and also about the emission report of the vehicle.

Steps To Check Vehicle Inspection History At MyTXCar:

To check the history of a vehicle before buying is very important indeed if it is a second hand vehicle. Texas DMV registration and inspection is combined together and in this case one can visit And for vehicle history follow the following steps:

  • Firstly visit to the Texas DMV official site by using preferable device and stable internet connection. And then there the inspection page will appear.
  • Now enter the MyTXCar captcha code after which one will be asked to choose a picture, in some cases the user will be asked to enter the unique code as well. After finishing this submit the inspection page.
  • Lastly enter the MyTXCar VIN, if the user enters VIN correctly then he/ she is able to see the vehicle history but the data is valid which means that the user cannot make changes to it. In case the users founds something wrong or incorrect in data then he/ she can contact to the inspection office and they’ll help the customer in providing them the correct data.

How To Choose Vehicle Class At MyTXCar Vehicle Inspection History:

  • First of all go to the official site and on the portal there is a drop-down menu present. Just click on it and several choices will appear like which kind of vehicle the user wants to pick such as motorcycle, bus, pickup, trailor or passenger car. Choose one which fits the vehicle class.
  • Now choose texas vehicle inspection checklist items among beam, indicator, seat, brake and many other things.
  • And lastly the vehicle should pass emission inspection and it is very important as this can influence the environment whereas not all vehicles are required to pass this test.

Criteria to pass emission inspection:

  1. Check how old the vehicle is and that starts 2 until 24 yeas old, and to determine this one can see the inspection sticker.
  2. Vehicle which is using diesel power can pass this emission test easily and if the vehicle is a motorcycle then this emission test is not needed but in both case safety test is still required.
  3. Vehicles of countries like Harris, Dallas, Collin, Montgomery, Johnson, Brazoria and many other are allowed to pass the emission test.

Two steps one sticker system:

Two steps one sticker is applied by texas as a valid vehicle inspection proof. Every vehicle owner is required to follow this rule and for this they are having 3 months or 90 days. This system is having a couple of steps involved in it:

  • First step is the vehicle inspection checklist in which the customer should pass all the procedures.
  • And the second step is the vehicle registration. The vehicle gets valid when the dealer sends the document of texas vehicle registration.

The sticker is a proof that the vehicle has passed Texas DMV registration and texas vehicle inspection checklist. But the sticker is also having an expiry date and that is what a person is needed to notice and get the sticker renewed once it gets expired.

Contact details of MyTXCar customer service:

They are having very good customer service, one can get to know many things from MyTXCar customer service like solution to their issues or problems, from this one can find the the fast response from the nearby texas inspection station, one is also allowed to ask about DMV registration and many more things.

And the customer can contact to the company at:

  1. Texas DMV phone number: this is the first option to contact the staff by calling them directly and this is the fastest way from all to contact the staff. Make call at 512 465 4205, 1 888 368 4689,  these numbers available for service issues. Before making the call one should notice the office time in which they can get  response i.e. 8 AM to 5 PM  from Monday to Friday.
  2. One can send files through fax also to the company at 512 465 4129. But it must be kept in mind that the file should be more neat and specific.
  3. And lastly if a person prefers more to contact the company online then he/ she is also allowed to do so by sending email or feedback at


From all above it can be concluded that Air Check Texas Vehicles Inspection History Inc. is offering the people to MyTXCar system from TxDVM service. And this is Very helpful in every way for the customers who are buying second hand vehicles in terms of Vehicle’s history, vehicle’s report and many other things. This site has made easy for the people to buy second hand vehicles easily and it is also assuring the safety of Vehicle.


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