THEVIDEO.ME/PAIR or Error Fixing Guide

Today let’s find the solution to fix the video. my pair. Most of us have used Kodi to watch the movies by using the Kodi add-ons if you are a good user then you must have The Exodus addons to watch the videos exodus is a very much popular addon in Kodi as whenever a user clicks on a movie or any show they end up waiting for the whole video to get loaded. If you choose pair you must be noticed that always a popup appears on the screen which asks for authentication many users have actually complained that the whole procedure is very much annoying to them moon today we are posting how to deal with it the whole article discusses on how to fix the pair up we also also discuss what actually the error is the meaning and is it safe to access us video content, in short, you will get every answer you want to know.

Before we know how to fix the error which is very much important to know what these errors mean.

What is error?

The is nothing but the site that streams each and every television show movies for free of cost with the help of their best service the host is videos horse videos for this major protection and in this case, the protection is very much provided to this service just by hearing when you are using the you will have to pay the sides with your IP address just to make sure that you are able to watch the videos without the hassle you will encounter others in this sites and they appear by different names other names of the same error the the the main point is that all these different areas are same and therefore don’t get yourself confused the actually asks you to connect your IP address with the same server of the Kodi which will enable you to watch the videos.

Should you use the pair?

This is one of the most common questions which are asked is that is it really safe to use the And to be honest the answer will be no you can always use Kodi for streaming all the videos and you will see the videos also have the copyrights for streaming such videos is very much illegal and therefore it is important to use a good VPN Service to mask your trails.

Then what is the actual need for having a stream authorization?

The service streams your videos handles Limited users different servers have different emails once the Limited full the server will refused to entertain the new users so it is very much important to give the uses equal opportunity that is why Singh authorisation is very much important a stream authorisation connect the string with the help of your IP address of the user hot the viewers after that and then they can seamlessly watch the video of the choice for 4 hours and now that you know enough about the various let’s see how to fix the errors solving we do me there is not a hard task any newbie can easily solve this because the entire method of the issue is very easy.

What does the message actually means or says in Kodi?

When you’re using Kodi to watch a movie you often see the loading screen and this Screen indicates the service had been loaded in that site from where you can watch the videos and then you have to select the server and you will receive an error message that says you need the authorization to play the video. Visit the link below to authorize devices on your network and then click on the power button and this error message means that you need to pay your IP address and devices with the server once it is done you will be able to what your favorite videos.

The next most section will discuss how to fix the error article has two methods for fixing there the first and foremost fitting was freaking online viewer and then clicking on the other necessary tabs. II involved making changes in internal settings and also on the addons and you have to choose which method appropriate for you.

How to fix in Kodi itself?

It is very easy to fix the error in Kodi you need to follow all that simple steps which are discussed below.

  • Method 1

The method very much involved making on a particular URL and then going with the flow by clicking the tabs just follow the method and you will be able to watch the videos easily for 4 hours this involves Two Steps go to the steps discussed below and you are good to go.

Step 1: Open your browser and click on the following URL and you will finally back on the go.

Step 2: And you will be reloaded twin official website video me when you will able to view your IP address just below your address see the tab saying activate streaming because it also clicks on the tab saying that you are authorized to watch the video.

Keep in mind that you might require completing captcha to verify and to proceed.

After you have paired your IP address and you will see a message saying happy streaming IP address has been successfully authenticated for 4 hours when you’re ready to watch the videos.

The second method allows you to skip the who was the demand structure and if you’re unable to fix by the first method you have to go to the second one this message is very much easier in comparison to the first India Sweta yourself to change the advanced option follow the steps below

step 1: In your  streaming website click on the items option and then click on the video options and then Exodus option

Step 2: click on the exercises option and then select the exodus

A new video will appear and you will see 4 different settings general playback providers account you will have to enable the options on your screen find other file hosting filters and you will see the hostess with captcha turn off the option and click ok.

Now after you turned off the hostess and capture you will be shown hosted which will not require captcha verification and then you can click on the choice that you need not any captcha verification and this will help you to avoid the error.

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