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Brookshires Grocery Company (BCG):

Brookshires Grocery Company is a Tyler based company which is a well known regional food chain and is providing a good quality of food since 1928. Brookshires have completed there 90 years recently and presently they are having over 180 stores under Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas. Customers are top priority of the BGC and are also providing a flexible environment to them. And the company is also taking very good care of their employees too, in case if a person is new employee in the company even then he/ she is sure that this is the best place for them where they can work. And Brookshires Grocery Company have created BGCForMe so as to provide all the necessities to their employees from this portal.


BGCForMe is an employee portal, which is allowing an employee to get access on all the benefits of brookshires. And for getting such access an employee is required to log in into his/ her account at www.BGCForMe.com. Brookshires has divided it’s management into certain departments such as retail store team, pharmacy team, Warehouse and Transportation team, facility service team and corporate service team. In case when team or the chief needs to communicate quickly to manage a project or to do something, the best for solution for this is BGCForMe employee portal.

Benefits Of BGCForMe:

  • The user is allowed to access his/ her paystub, chart, schedule, rate, history for both the data i.e. computable and printable.
  • The site is providing easy communication line which is including email access, sharing and so on.
  • One is allowed to access the incentives of Brookshires Grocery Company very easily.
  • And the site is also providing the employees a secure space so as to manage their personal information, job schedules and job plans. BGCForMe site is very safe to keep the data and secret.
  • The user is allowed to recheck his/ her data very easily and can access the account anytime from anywhere, even holidays doesn’t matters one can access the account from his/ her office and home too.

Steps Involved In BGCForMe Login:

For logging in to the site the following simple steps are included which are required to be followed by the employee:

  • As usual the first step involves is to visit the official site of BGCForMe at www.BGCForMe.com by using a preferable internet browser with the help of a good internet connection.
  • After that a page will appear which will be asking to enter the login credentials including the users ID and password. And so the employee is required to fill these credentials very carefully and correctly.
  • The users ID is combination of SSC number and the employee ID. And in case when the employee have received a temporary password from the HR department then he/ she is required to change the password for keeping the account safe.
  • And lastly by entering all the login credentials the employee have to simply click on the “log on” button to get logged in successfully.

BGCForMe Login Issues:

One might face many problems while logging in to the BGCForMe account because of the large number of users. And the common problem among them is unable to sign in and this can happen because of following reasons:

  • When one faces this problem the basic reason can be the unstable internet connection. So check the internet connection to fix this problem.
  • The next reason maybe that one is not able to reach the page because of any interruption, for solving his problem one is required to contact the IT team or just simply wait to reach the page.
  • If the employee have provided the Incorrect users ID and password, then the employee is not able to get access into his/ her account and to solve this problem just go for recovering the username or password.

And if these solutions doesn’t works then the employee should contact to the HR team of the company and can call to the Brookshires customer care service.

BGCForMe Recovery Page:

Sometimes an employee can face troubles in login because of incorrect users ID and password at that time the user can go to the recovery page for fixing the problem for which following steps are required to be followed:

  • Firstly visit to the site at www.BGCForMe.com.
  • After which a page will appear, now here click on the menu “password station”, by clicking on this button the site will directly lead to the recovery page.
  • Now the next page will ask to enter users ID, enter users ID and select “i agree”.
  • After this follow some simple instructions for fixing the forgotten password.  By finishing this one can reset his/ her account’s credentials.

BGCForMe Contact Details:

In case the employee is facing any trouble or issue, for this the employees are provided with a large space where they can share their problems or complaints easily. One can contact these informational basis for account issues and for the employee issues as well. And these contact details are including:

  • If an employee is having any issues related to account then they can contact at 1 888 313 4015 or also at site www.brookshires.voyaplans.com.
  • And in case if the employee is having any issues with the personnel, Payroll and benefits then contact the service team at 1 (800) 825-4536.
  • Even if the employee has made a plan he/ she is required to discuss the plan with corporate office team to make a better plan, and for this one has to call at 1 (800) 825-4536 and choose the option #4.
  • And lastly for alert line one can call at 1 (800) 932 5378 or can go online at site www.bgc.alertline.com.


From all above it can be concluded very easily that Brookshires are more customer and employee orientated. And the site BGCForMe also have been created for their employees only to provide them proper guidelines about the work schedule, paystub and so on. In other words we can say that the site is allowing the employees to get all the possible benefits they can. At the same time the employee is responsible for his/ her account as the company does not tolerate any account abuses, and for this Brookshires can also take the legal action against them so one is required to be very careful while using the site.

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