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MyMilestoneCard is basically a credit card which is being getting operated and handled by Genesis Bank service for the customers with a decent and fair score of credit. Customers with bad credit score might face difficulties for getting approved by this card. For this particular credit card there is no availability of increasing the credit limit. MymilestoneCard holders are having certain options of making their monthly payments. Customers are allowed to pay their monthly payments by using mobile phones, Moneygram, cheque and Money order. MymilestoneCard website is allowing a user to check his/ her receipt of purchases through wireless billing system. By logging in at www.mymilestonecard.com one is allowed to get all the benefits of MyMilestoneCard. For getting registered at MyMilestoneCard one is required to attain the age of 18, as person below 18 is not allowed to get registered and one must be a legal resident of United States.

Features Of MyMilestoneCard:

  • Through MyMilestoneCard the user is allowed to check his/ her balance of the account.
  • One is also allowed to go through recent and past transactions.
  • Here a user can make their credit card payment monthly.
  • By the help of MyMilestoneCard one can utilize his/ her account’s notifications or alerts.
  • The user is allowed to enroll in the paperless statements.
  • One can also update the information of their account.

Registration Process Of MyMilestoneCard:

For logging in to MyMilestoneCard one is required to complete the procedure of registration first, in which the user must have all his/ her personal details including full name, bank account number, routing number in case when the user’s bank consists of 7 numbers, Milestone social security number etc. For completing the registration follow the following steps:

  • Firstly by getting connected with a good internet connection visit to the www.mymilestonecard.com and go to the MyMilestoneCard.com login page.
  • Here on the login page at the top right side corner there is an option present of registration menu, the user is required to click here and the page will redirect the person to the registration form.
  • Now here the page will ask certain credentials including bank number, full name, date of birth, email address and so on. The user is required to fill them correctly.
  • After entering all the details correctly one is required to click on the right button which will appear at the bottom of the page.
  • By completing all this one is now registered with MyMilestoneCard.

Login Process Of MyMilestoneCard:

  • Again firstly visit to the official site of MyMilestoneCard at www.mymilestonecard.com by using default browser on the device through internet connection.
  • Now here one will land to the page “login to our secure server” of MyMilestoneCard. And this will be asking to enter certain details.
  • Then after entering details like username, password and other private details of account click on the button “login” just below the boxes.
  • And finally the user is logged in into his/ her account to access all the benefits of MyMilestoneCard.

How To Recover Password:

In case when the user is not allowed to get logged in or he/ she have forgotten the MyMilestoneCard password, in that case to recover the password there are certain steps which are required to be followed:

  • First of all the user is required to get connected his/ her device with internet connection and then by using default browser of device visit to the official website i.e. www.mymilestonecard.com.
  • Now on the login page one will see the option of “forgot password” and “forgot username” link below the space-bar of users ID and password, now click on the link.
  • After clicking on the link the user will be directed to the fresh page asking details like username, four digits of account, social security number and the date of birth.
  • After providing all the details click on the “submit” button and then the user is completed with the process of recovering the password.

How To Pay MyMilestoneCard Bill ?

The customers of MyMilestoneCard are allowed to pay their bills monthly. There are many ways to pay the bill including payment through phone, Moneygram, cheque and by the service of Money order. It will take upto 7 days of processing to send a cheque or the money order by mail because of the mail traveling time. One should mail the cheque or money order at:

Bankcard Services

PO Box 4477Beaverton, OR 97076-4477

In case when the user is paying through Moneygram, one is required to enter the following information so as to get sure that the payment has been sent to the right place:

Company Name: Genesis FS Card Services

Receive Code: 4911

Cut Off Time For Payments Of MyMilestoneCard:

The cut off time for payment through MyMilestoneCard is 5 pm Pacific time i.e. if a user makes payment at 5 pm or before then it will credited on the users account on the same date whereas if the user makes payment after 5 pm then the payment will get credited on the next date of calendar.

Benefits from MyMilestoneCard:

  • MyMilestoneCard is helping the customer to make payments through smartphones because of digital world, which has made payment easy.
  • For ordering a duplicate account agreement no extra money is getting charged.
  • For queries and problems the customers are having an option to get in touch with the customer service team easily by calling.
  • MyMilestoneCard is providing their customers 24*7 access on their accounts.
  • Customers are getting a paperless statement online.

Customer Service:

In case the user is facing any issue or problem and wants to get in touch with the customer service department  then the user is allowed to call them at 18664532636 from Monday to Friday in between 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. And the user can also get help from the reviews on the official Website of MyMilestoneCard at www.mymilestonecard.com.


MyMilestoneCard is a web portal which is being getting operated by the Genesis Bank. The site is very beneficial for it’s users as from MyMilestoneCard a user is allowed to have complete access on his/ her account 24*7, through this they can make payments for their purchases without cash. But for getting logged in, it is mandatory for a user to get registered first for which he/ she is required to follow certain steps. MyMilestoneCard is the easiest way of provision to the bank account card.

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