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McAlister’s Deli: 

McAlister’s Deli is a very famous restaurant chain which was founded in 1989 in Oxford, Mississippi. The restaurant was founded by a retired dentist named Dr. Don Newcomb. Currently there are 400 locations in 26 states of McAlister’s Deli from East Virginia to the East Florida in the South to Arizona in West to Michigan in the North. The restaurant is well know for their sweet tea and that is available by the glass and by a gallon as well. The restaurant is serving other items like sandwiches, soups, baked potatoes etc. The restaurant is more customer oriented and that’s why they have launched a survey that is the talktomcalisters survey.


Talktcalisters is a survey which have been created by McAlister’s Deli for the customers. The survey can done online at talktomcalisters.com, customers are allowed to take this survey anytime they want as the survey is online. The survey can be completed by having some simple requisites and by following certain steps. This involvement of the customers through this survey brings great effect on the restaurant business, as from this survey they are getting to know the customers feedback and suggestions with the help of which they can improve their product and services. From the survey McAlister’s Deli can know that how well they are serving to their customers and which is helping them to know there weekness. Each and every feedback of the customer is helping the restaurant to evaluate their performance.

Talktomcalisters Survey rewards:

For taking participation in the survey customers are being getting rewarded with a validation code. One can write this validation code on the McAlister’s purchase receipt and can use it as a coupon in his/ her next visit to the restaurant. And the value of this code will be mentioned on the receipt itself near the invitation area of survey. This coupon generally can be redeemed as a discount at the customer’s next purchase in McAlister’s Deli. The reward may vary time to time, so check the receipt carefully to know what is the current reward.

Rules for the Talktomcalisters survey: 

Well McAlister’s Deli survey is a very simple survey but every person who is taking the survey is required to understand the rules:

  • Firstly a person cannot take more than one survey using a single purchase receipt i.e. only a single survey is allowed with one receipt.
  • Then the validation code is limited for a certain time only, so users are highly recommended to use their validation code on time before it gets expire.
  • One is not having permission to combine his/ her validation code with other coupon to redeem.
  • For getting this validation code it is mandatory to complete the talktomcalisters survey.
  • People who are working in the restaurant as staff or any other worker they are not allowed to take this survey. And also the immediate family members of the workers cannot take this survey.

This survey is open for all customers, there is no such age restrictions to participate in this.

Requirements For Talktomcalisters Survey:

  • First of all a device is required for taking the survey which can be a computer/ laptop or a smartphone.
  • Then a stable internet connection is required so as to get access online. And this stable internet connection is helping to finish the survey faster.
  • And most importantly the purchase receipt, one is required to make sure to have this purchase receipt every time he/ she visits to the restaurant.

Steps Involved In McAlister’s Survey: 

  • In the first step visit to the official survey page at www.talktomcalisters.com, and this site can be seen on the receipt as well.
  • After that choose a language in which the user is comfortable and wants to complete the survey then click on the button “Next”.
  • Now a page will appear asking the invitation code, so enter the invitation code in the blank field and click on the button “Next” again.
  • Now here the actual survey will start as the page will appear consisting of questions after providing invitation code. The user is required to answer them all honestly and then click “Next”.
  • In this the user is required to rank his/ her level of satisfaction in different aspects such as product, price, quality and so on.
  • Now by clicking on the “Next” button last time submit the survey.
  • After that validation code will appear on the screen, copy down this validation code before closing the webpage.
  • If the user is desired to sign up for the McAlister’s rewards program, then he/ she is also allowed to do so by providing their email details.

Contact Details:

In case the customer is facing any trouble or issues for completing the survey and he/ she wants to get in touch with the customer support team, then the user may contact the team by calling directly at 888-330-4313 between  9 AM- 6 PM EST Monday -Friday. Their is an alternative available to this i.e. one can go for filling the contact form on McAlister’s website by adding as much possible details.

One can contact with the customer support team of McAlister’s through social media channels as well, by sending them message on Facebook and Twitter.


The site www.talktomcalisters.com is basically have been launched by McAlister’s Deli so as to collect the feedbacks and suggestions of their customers, to know that how well they are serving. The survey is very beneficial for the restaurant as through this they are getting to know that what changes they needs in their product and services. And the survey is beneficial for the customers as well, by completing this survey the customers are getting a validation code which they can use in their next visit to get discount on the products. The talktomcalisters survey is not having too much rules that are required to be followed but, there are few which are mandatory to be followed. Before going to take the survey the user must have all the requisites with them and by following some steps the survey will be completed. Through this survey the restaurant is maintaining a good relationship between them and customers.

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