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Caribou coffee was founded in 1992 which is a very famous for their coffee, tea and bakery products. Caribou coffee has grown up steadily their ranks in the market and presently they are the second largest retailer of coffee and espresso in United States. Caribou coffee has been headquartered in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota.
Presently the company is having their more than 273 coffeehouses as in 18 states of the Washington D.C adding 203 location of franchises in the ten international locations. Caribou coffee are currently having more than 6,000 employees and are well known for their slogan “Life is short Stay awake for it.”

TellCaribou Coffee Customer Satisfaction Survey:

Caribou coffee have launched a site www.tellcariboucoffee.com through which the company is offering their customers a chance to give feedback or to share their experience that he/ she recently had in any of the outlet of Caribou coffee. The company is offering the customers coupons, survey rewards for participating in tellcaribou survey. But for this it is mandatory for the customer to visit the Caribou coffee and getting the purchase receipt.

Advantages of the tellcaribou coffee customer satisfaction survey:

To the company:
• The survey is helping the company to know that what do their customers expect from them and how well they are doing? The tellcaribou survey helps the company to improve themselves from the feedbacks as in their products and services. They takes positive feedbacks as appreciation and negative feedbacks as challenge so that they can improve themselves.

To the customers:
• The survey is beneficial for the customers as well. As completing tellcaribou survey is providing the customers a chance to get rewarded or to get discount. And the survey is not even time consuming, it will hardly take 6-7 minutes to get completed.

tellcaribou coffee

Requisites for Tellcaribou Coffee satisfaction survey:

Caribou coffee satisfaction survey is including certain important requirements which are as follows:
• The first thing which is mandatory to take tellcaribou survey is the purchase receipt as the survey will be asking about the purchase code. One can get this purchase receipt from the Caribou coffee outlet at their recent visit.
• Next a device is required to participate in the tellcaribou survey like personal computer, mobile phone or a tablet. It will be better to use a device which is having a larger screen so as to understand the questions better and answering them to the best of knowledge.
• Now to access the site one is required to have a good internet or wifi connection connected with the device. As this is an online survey internet connection is required to complete the Caribou coffee customer satisfaction survey.

Steps involved in Tellcaribou coffee customer satisfaction survey:

• Firstly visit to the Caribou coffee customer satisfaction survey website at www.tellcaribou.com by using a preferable browser.
• Then the user is required to choose the more preferable language. There are three languages available for the users i.e. Spanish, French and English. If one knows Spanish or French then he/ she can choose it otherwise they are having an option of using English language too.
• After that the privacy policy will appear on the screen and the user is required to click on the Braun button which will be present at the right corner of the screen.
• After that the page will be asking the user to enter 14 digit survey code, which will be present on the bottom of purchase receipt. Type that survey code correctly and then click on the start button.
• Now next certain questions will appear on the screen, which is required to be answered by the user. One is allowed to speak up openly the negative or positive experience.
• After answering all the questions now the survey is almost complete, a validation code will appear on the screen which the user have to note down on the receipt.
• And at last to get rewarded the user have to simply show the tellcaribou survey validation code which have been obtained after completing the survey to the counter while purchasing.

Rules of tellcaribou survey:

• A person is only allowed to take the survey if his/ her age is 13 years to 18 years or above, but below 13 years are not allowed to participate in the Caribou coffee customer satisfaction survey.
• It is mandatory for a user to provide his/ her basic contact details or the email ID. So that the company can contact the customer easily.
• Only one discount option is available for the one receipt. And from one receipt only a single survey can be done.
• The Validation code which is given to the user after completing the tellcaribou survey is for a limited period of time i.e. the code will get expired within a given period of time. And that’s why it is requested to the customers to use that code as soon as possible for them.
• The person should be a legal resident of 50 United States and the District of Columbia.
• No cash alternative is available.

Contact details:
If a user or a customer is facing any trouble or issue whether it is from the company or from the survey, in that case they are allowed to contact the company’s customer care service directly either using telephone or email.

• If the person wants to tell about his/ her trouble or issues on the phone then they have to simply call to the Caribou coffee customer support number i.e. +971 3 784 9791.
• And if the user wants to tell their issues to the company by writing them then they can simply mail there post to Othman Bin Affan Street (Street # 139) – Al Ain – United Arab Emirates.

Caribou coffee is a very famous retailer for tea and coffee who have launched a site www.TellCaribou.com. Through this site Caribou coffee just wants to listen their customers that what are their expectations from the company which is also helping the company to improve their services and products. The Caribou coffee customer satisfaction tellcaribou survey is an appropriate medium for the customers through which they can give their valuable feedback to the company. And the survey is also working as a relationship between the company and the customer.

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